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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the many frequently asked questions that we receive.

Q: Why use Window Traditions LLC
A: One of the most critical decisions you will have to face in building or renovating will be the decisions you make about your windows and doors. It has often been said that windows are the eyes of the home, and as Shakespeare wrote, "The eyes are the windows to the soul". There are many factors that go into the manufacturing and installation process that are not immediately apparent to the layperson. Specialists in windows and doors have the experience and training to solve any problem that may arise so that the window or door genuinely fits. Choosing the right specialist will help you achieve the correct fit and look you intended.

Q: What is the advantage to using wood windows
A: Wood windows carry the lowest U-values of all windows and therefore are the most energy efficient. They also emanate the warmth, charm and character of wood which is also an environmentally-friendly renewable resource.

Q: What are the disadvantages of using wood windows
A: Wood windows are generally more expensive than other types of windows. Proper installation is key to high efficiency and long life.

Q: What are some types of glass
A: Laminated: Two pieces of glass bonded together with a Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) interlayer, for reduced sound and UV light reduction.
Low-E: Less penetration of UV light and much improved insulation than standard glass.
Tempered: Safety glass that resists breakage or breaks into small pieces to prevent injury.
Obscure Glass: Any textured glass such as frosted which is used for privacy, light diffusion or decorative effects.

Q: What are some styles of windows
A: The most common styles of windows include single-hung, double hung, casement, awning, bay and bow windows. A number of other style windows are frequently used as accent windows.

Q: What is a clad window
A: A clad window is a wood window "clad" in aluminum on the side facing the outdoors. This technique greatly increases the durability and lessen any maintenance of the window.

Q: What is a double hung window
A: A double hung window has two moving sashes, each opening and closing the upper and lower parts of the window.

Q: What is a casement window
A: A casement window is a window unit hinged at the side that swings in or out to open and close.

Q: What is an awning window
A: An awning window is hinged at the top and swings out at the bottom to open.

Q: What is a sash
A: A sash is the entire window, including the glass and the surrounding pieces that hold it together. The sash fits into a jamb that is actually mounted into the wall and holds the sash in place.

Q: What are muntin bars
A: Muntin bars are a secondary framing members that hold multiple panes of glass in the sash.

Q: What are lights
A: Lights, or lites, are the individual panes of glass within a sash.

Q: What are jambs
A: Jambs are framing members used to support the window in the wall. Those framing members on the side are called side jambs. The framing member at the top is a head jamb. There are no jambs at the bottom. The bottom is referred to as a sill.

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